What Makes a High Quality Website? (15 Essential Elements)

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Apr 03

What Makes a High Quality Website? (15 Essential Elements)

Have you ever thought what makes a High Quality Website?

What elements do pros use to delight Search Engines?

You alreadyknow the importance of high quality content, On-site SEO optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Promotion and so on.

What else is there that you aren't doing?

What’s something you don’t know that pros do to be on top of SERPs?

Well, this post is all about those 17 essential elements you need to focus on now if you want to rank tomorrow.

You have been blogging for some time, publishing quality content on a regular basis, promoting your content everywhere on social media, optimizing on-site SEO, implementing off-site SEO, building email lists and so on.

However, the results are contrary to what you expect. No worries this post is going to cover all those crucial aspects it takes to ensure a High Quality Website.

Curiosity is increasing? Let’s jump right into the detail.

Relevancy is the key

1: Relevancy is the key

Content is the king, but relevancy is the key.

Crafting high quality content is essential, but if the relevancy of your content suffers your traffic and ranking will too.

One of the biggest and most important factor of a High Quality Website that Google rewards with higher ranking is, well-written, unique, easy-to-skim, actionable, and highly relevant content.

You just need to make sure that your content is relevant, purposeful and unique the ranking and traffic will follow automatically.

Content length matters

2: Content length matters

Google recognizes long form content as an original, in-depth and quality content.

That is why popular and established blog you see publishes longer content.

That said, longer content with no value is as good as dead.

If you want to determine the ideal length you have to keep both Search Engines, and readers in mind.

Writing long form content is beneficial and specially from SEO point of view.

However, don't just write lengthy content but SEO-friendly Content that help you rank faster in SERPs.

If we look at the SEO perspective an ideal content length is over 2000 plus word count.

On the other hand, according to the reader’s point of view, up to 1500 or longer posts are considered detailed and well-explained.

So what should you do, follow SEO word count or prefer reader’s choice?

Well, for a perfect content length you should balance both angles appropriately, so that you can meet the requirement of both readers and bots together.

However, it also depends highly on the niche you are blogging in, the type of audience you are going to target and the competition on that topic in the world wide web.

Readability is incredibly important

3: Readability is incredibly important

What use of tons of post when there’s no readability feature built in?

Readers look for content mainly to get their answers or to find a solution, if your post isn’t readable in the first place no one would read that instead people will go elsewhere.

Therefore, readability plays a vital role, in fact a website’s ranking depends way much on this factor alone.

So make sure, your paragraphs aren’t longer, your sentence are well-punctuated, and you use simple and common words throughout your content.

Include Subheadings Wherever Possible

4: Include Subheadings Wherever Possible

Writing paragraph after paragraph without a pause is a sure fire way to irritate a reader.

Web content is way different from academic material.

You are not writing an essay or official letter, where you just write longer paragraphs with little to no headings.

If your content is poorly formatted, no matter how much information and value you’ve put in, readers will instantly go back.

In order to make your content easy for readers to digest, break it down by using subheadings, bullet points, number lists and keeping the paragraph length as short as possible.

Using H1, H2 and H3 heading is not only good for your readers to skim your content, but also beneficial in terms of SEO.

In addition, use bold and italics to highlight essential part, throughout your post, so that the prominence of some differently written words are clear enough to notice.

5: Add Visuals or Videos as much as possible

Incorporate a variety of highly relevant and quality images or videos within your articles as much as you can.

Images expresses your point way faster than plain content.
A picture worth a thousand words, so why not make the most of each piece of your content by including appealing images.

Images and videos are more engaging and grasp the reader’s attention instantly.

So make your content irresistible for visitors and make it so much alluring that they can’t help reading it.

Readers take Testimonials seriously

6: Error-free Content

If you have a variety of other well-written content to read, would you ever bother to read a full of error content?

I’m pretty sure you would choose the first option.

No one stands reading content that is full of mistakes, and is grammatically incorrect.

Because readers don’t expect from a web owner to write poorly written content or non-revised posts.

We all understand that Grammar and Spelling mistakes are unavoidable, that is why it is highly recommended to proofread your first draft at least twice before publishing it.

You can edit your copy yourself or get a friend or family member do this for you.

Whatever you do, but do make sure have revised your content before it gets live, it should be error-free when published or you’ll lose a lot of visitors and might get penalized by Google too.

First draft of your content won’t be that perfect, in fact, it is said that first draft is like a garbage.

Revising make it impeccable and flawless, so take some hours out of your schedule and dedicate it totally to editing.

One more thing, never try to proofread your article right after you’ve written it or while writing, since our mind is already tired we can’t catch the mistakes properly.

Instead, once you’ve accomplished the first draft leave your desk immediately and then come back after a while with sharp eyes and revise it thoroughly.

You can use spell-checker or proofreading tools like Grammarly or Ginger, these tools point out mistakes so that you can rectify them.

7: Experience is Excellence

Like anything else in this world, we need quite a lot of experience to be called excellent at something.

If you want yourself to be recognized as an expert in your industry you need to have enough experience in what you are doing.

Your experience will get your reward of excellence from your readers.

People want to get their answers from experts and want authentic solutions.

If you are not capable of writing a detailed piece of content and fail to explain your point, appropriately you are merely wasting your and others time by writing content.

Always use statistics, data and research to solidify your points and emphasize them like a pro.

Number of Comments

8: Number of Comments

The higher number of comments your blog has the higher the chances that it will rank.

You will be recognized as an authority and pro in your field if you have high quality and constructive number of comments.

Always make sure you moderate your comments as well as respond to all or at least most of the comments to boost engagement with your readers.

Add Visuals or Videos as much as possible

9: Insert internal and external links in all your posts

Linking your posts to each other’s is a great way to increase reader’s engagement.

If one of your posts ranks then possibly those that were linked internally within that post might rank too.

Also linking internally lets you expand your current post more with other relevant posts.

Don’t just do internal linking but also external linking.

Link out to other bloggers with relevant content.

Make sure the URL and anchor text of an internal or external link is relevant and matches closely with your article.

Never link to irrelevant resources otherwise your site can be penalized by Google.

Internal and external linking also known as inbound and outbound linking.

Offer Readers ways to Connect with You

10: Offer Readers ways to Connect with You

Another key point of high quality website is that they always give their blog reader options to share and interact.

If you haven’t placed social share buttons on your blog, do it now or you will really be missing a lot of shares and views you get by these awesome buttons.

Place social icons in a prominent place so that readers can see them easily.

Apart from social icons, do place a CTA (Call to action) feature at the end of your post encourage readers to connect with you.

Display limited Ads on your Website

11: Display limited Ads on your Website

Even if the advertisement is your primary source of income keep them to a limit.

Readers dislike website where they are being annoyed with irrelevant pop up ads and the layout cluttered with ads all around.

If advertisement is not necessary for you it is recommended don’t even consider them.

On the whole, ads are annoying to your readers, they hate it and if there are way too much on your website it can surely lead to higher bounce rate.

Provide Your Contact Details at all Costs

12: Provide Your Contact Details at all Costs

This is something that if you try to hide it makes readers think that you’re not original.

If you want your readers to be your loyal readers, they expect from you to first proof yourself loyal and trustworthy.

Hiding your contact detail is a huge mistake, often people thinks it’s not necessary.

Do mention your physical address, your active email address, valid phone number and links of your social profile wherever you’re available.

Readers take Testimonials seriously

13: Readers Take Testimonials Seriously

Showcasing your customer testimonials is essential for your reader’s trust.

Don’t just display good reviews, place unsatisfactory reviews too, if you want to appear original and more credible.

This sounds like a stupid and nonsense thing, but it's actually very good for your reputation.

If you just place positive feedbacks and reviews people will think you’re a scam or unreliable person.

Because we all know positive and negative both exists together inseparably.

There will be some people who didn’t like your service or were not satisfied with your product let them give their honest opinion.

The more transparent you are with your readers the more credibility you will establish.

Find a nice spot on your website and place Testimonials in a form of grid or slider there.

User Experience should be user-friendly

14: User Experience should be user-friendly

Readers should find what they are looking for on your website with ease.

Don’t clutter your menu bar with unnecessary items, keep important ones only.

In addition, enable a search bar so that if people want to find something specific to read they can directly search that particular thing using the search bar.

All that matters a lot if you visit your website or read your own article from a reader’s perspective, you will be able to understand the importance of user experience.

User experience is essential if you want to get the most our of your content, you reader's shouldn't have any trouble in finding and reading your content when they are on your website.

Website Load Time

15: Website Load Time

Don’t make your visitors put up with the lazy loading website.

Instead, ensure the speedy loading website so that people keep coming back without being frustrated.

The speed at which your website loads depends heavily upon the hosting you choose.

If you try to be economical while buying a host provider, your readers will have to suffer from sluggish website and consequently your traffic will suffer and bounce rate will definitely increase.


There are still many things to take into consideration for a High Quality Website.

However, I’ve put together the ones here that are absolutely necessary and can’t be ignored at all.

You need to make sure that your website meets all the 15 essential elements listed here.

It is good to work on each one together, I know it seems like a simple task, but it’s not that easy to manage everything together at once.

And it’s way better to follow a few out of the all than none.

Incorporating these crucial aspects will significantly increase your traffic, and boost your ranking over time.

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