What is Off-page SEO?

By Editorial Team | Seo

Jun 12

What is Off-page SEO?

You might have read post about onsite SEO, I would like you all to know that Off-page is as important and necessary as onsite.

On page SEO comes first then Off page SEO comes into Action. 

But Off-page take place after Onsite Optimization.

Off-Page search engine optimization also (knowns as Off-site SEO too) are some of the essential actions you take outside of your website in order to promote it and gain higher rankings.

Means it is not done within your website it is done outsource that it is called off-page/off-site optimization.

Why Off-page SEO?

It is vitally important that your website is well-optimized equally for offsite and onsite.

Since Search Engine Algorithms keeps changing and you have to be updated with it.

The most crucial factor of ranking is related directly to off-page SEO.
If you want your website to be shown on top of SERPs (Search engine page results) you really need to make sure that your website is thoroughly optimized.

There are many tactics that are implemented but I am going to share some of the most important and effective ones.
Here are some of the commonly used methods to perform offsite SEO.

Create Content

Create Irresistible Content

What I mean by irresistible is that make your content as much interesting, unique and informative that readers can’t help sharing it ahead.

Whether we are performing onsite or offsite SEO importance and value of content can’t be neglected.

As always Content remains the KING without valuable content all of none of your SEO implementation is going to work out.

Research frequently so that you can keep your website up to date and can provide your readers trending and fresh content.

Contribute as a guest author

Contribute as a Guest Author on High Profile Blogs

There are many top-notch blogs/website which provide opportunities of guest blogging.

You can contribute your well-researched and well-written articles on such high profile blogs.

Remember don’t rush for quantity of posts instead offer only one quality article that worth more than 10.

Link Building

Focus on link building

Links are still the most emphasized part of Off-page SEO. Google has no value for your website unless it has a significant amount of authority links pointing to it.

It’s of no use having high-quality, unique and informative content in your website unless visitors are not landing to your site.
Building links of high quality and high profile websites can actually help you in rank higher on SERPs.

Link building can bring lots of referral traffic to your website.
Getting quality backlinks is a very good strategy for sure if done correctly.

You should try to acquire as much quality and natural backlinks as possible.

Before you do this strategy you should be aware of what type of links are given approval by Google.

Google considers any link that was generated with the intention of getting higher ranking purely unnatural.
And unnatural links are considered spamming and can lead to penalty by Google.

So don’t go crazy for just building links in quantity instead go after less but natural quality backlinks that sound purely natural to Google.

If you have better authority and credibility than other bloggers will ask you for backlinks and this is how natural links are given to a blogger by other websites.

Why would anyone give you link back is when you have a content that worth linking.

Your content should be as interesting that make other giving link back to you.

This way you have lots of natural and quality backlinks. And your website keeps standing out over others.

Here are some of the vitally important factors as far as Off-Page SEO is concerned is Link Building.

Following are the most crucial things that do matter in Link Building.

Make sure your link building strategy is according to those key points.

How many domains are linked to you?

When it comes the number of linking, it is so obvious that the greater the number of links the higher your ranking will be in SERPs.

How many domains are linked to you?

There might be some links to your website from a same domain. But it is always better that you should get links from different domains rather than the same one repeatedly.

How high is the PR of linking domain/page?

There are tons of websites on the internet, as you know some of them have higher PR (PageRank) while other are lower in PR. So what should be our goal while linking from other is higher PR. You should strive to get as much as Higher PR or authoritative domains/pages linking. And for that you also need to be an authoritative website owner.

How relevant the links are to your website?

Search Engine focus on relevancy more than just quantity with non-relevant links. So make sure the links you get are related to what is your website or page is about. So be sure to catch relevant links more than just links.

Homepage, best place to get links from

It is also considered important that you have links from individual domain’s homepage that other pages. This strategy plays an effective role in link building.

Do-follow links affect ranking more than no-follow

Google has officially declared that any no-follow is not counted as backlink. Therefore, you must have do-follow links that proves to be effective in raising ranks in SERPs.

Broken Link Building

Broken link Building:

When link building chapter is opened broken link building can’t be ignored in any way.

People generally don’t consider this Broken LinkBuilding as effective as Other SEO factors.

But let me emphasize that this is one of the easiest and time-saving ways to build links.

I won’t say Guest blogging is worthless, Guest blogging is the best way to get solid links.

Guest blogging is time-consuming, and a bit difficult. You need to research a lot for a perfect topic. Then have to find the relevant blog, then write the post, submit and have to wait till it is published.

While broken link building saves you from all these troubles. It is easier, faster and above all effective.

There are tons of blogs having broken links, because the number of broken links are higher and for you this is an awesome opportunity to avail.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Social media presence can make your readership grow and also help in getting backlinks.

If you want to attract non-stop visitors/readers, then consider engaging on multiple social media platforms.

Staying active on social networks can incredibly bring tons of outsource traffic to your website.

You get seamless interaction with link minded people and your communicators can convert into your regular visitors.

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