Top 5 SEO Tools to Use as a Blogger in 2019

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May 07

Top 5 SEO Tools to Use as a Blogger in 2019

Using a set of essential tools makes your blogging so manageable.
Without the right tools, blogging is of no use.

There are dozens of tools out there, but what tools you actually need?

First of all, you don’t need to get all the tools, you need some of the most important ones that really make sense.

Some of the best SEO tools are SEMrush, Moz and Ahrefs, every professional blogger does have at least one of those.

You may know about all those tools already, but do you know which one should you use in terms of your expertise?

Well, this post is going to walk you through about what tools are there that you need and which tools you should use?

Every tool serves both different and similar purposes, there are tools for everything, such as, Keyword research, link analysis, rank tracking and so on.

If you want to do keyword research you need a tool, when It comes to link building there is a tool for that task too, want to track ranking need a tool right?

Because if you want to get the most out of the content you create and publish on your blog, you definitely should use these tools. Before writing a piece of content you need some research collected and and after the content creation you need to focus on getting as many backlinks as you can, so there is a must that you should make use one of such powerful tools.

So there’s no shortage of powerful tools for any sort of task you want to perform.

On the other hand, there are two powerful tools that are absolutely free to use.

Google analytics and Google Search Console are both very useful these tools basically updates you about your website’s performance.

Now let’s take a look at what tools they are who should use which?

Best Tool for Newbie Bloggers: SEMrush

What makes that tool so special is its simplicity and user-friendly interface.

If we compare this tool in terms of features, it has as many essential components as Ahrefs and Moz have.

But Ahrefs and Moz are a bit complicated, beginners might get overwhelmed, so SEMrush is by far the most intuitive option for newbies.

What it does?

This tool has got all the important element you expect, you can perform all the tasks be it keyword research, building backlinks by doing in-depth link analysis and so on.

Who should use it?

As we said above, the tool has everything you need for managing your SEO tasks, whether simple or complex.

It is particularly best for beginners as it has a very easy-to-use interface and even an absolute beginner will get used to its way of working within a few hours.

Best Tool for Both Beginners and Experts: Moz

If SEMrush didn’t stand up to your expectations, then try out this one.

Similar to SEMrush in terms of layout, but powerful in terms of features.

Moz will help you in performing all the tasks related to SEO.

You can do link analysis for reaching out to bloggers, explore keywords for your content creation process, and do many more things.

The best part is that tool looks so neat and you can perform your specific task without hassles.

It doesn’t have a steep learning curve so if you are new to that SEO world this tool will make everything easier for you to manage.

What it does?

Pretty much all the features needed for a complete SEO package.

The tool is bundled up with all the features you need, such as, keyword research, competitor link analysis, all the functionalities to improve your website’s overall ranking.

Who should use it?

Regardless of your knowledge and expertise you can use this tool, as it is adaptable you can get your simple task done easily, and advanced users can expand the tool to meet their requirements too.

Best Tool for Professional Bloggers Ahrefs

If you’re willing to handle any technical sort of stuff without being overwhelmed, then Ahrefs should be your priority over others.

Ahrefs, has a bunch of highly advanced tools and features, and it’s constantly evolving for even better user experience.

It has a learning curve, but those of you who are curious for discovering new features, it’s a gold mine.

There are many YouTube tutorials online, that will help you explore and master the advanced features of this tool.

What it does?

More than you can imagine, is powerful enough to meet the requirement of your advanced SEO strategies.

Whether you intend to build backlinks, or want to analyze links to acquire for blogger outreach, it has a way to do everything with ease. 

Ahrefs is equipped with powerful features like, Site Explorer, SERP Analysis, plus everything you need to accomplish link building task perfectly.

Who should use it?

Obviously experienced users would make the most of this tool.

But if you are willing to learn and watch videos along the way you can explore its amazing feature can take the advantage to the fullest.

Best WordPress SEO Tool for Every Blogger: Yoast

No matter if you are a pure new blogger or have been blogging for a while, Yoast is the ultimate WordPress tool you need.

There are tons of other tools claim to be similar to Yoast but believe me I have been using it and there’s no substitute for this at all.

I didn’t find any other tool as efficient and useful as Yoast.

It automates a lot of your SEO management at the same time suggests what you need to focus on for best On-Site SEO.

It makes updating your Meta titles, Meta Descriptions and focus keyword a lot easier.

In addition to this, it tells you how well is your readability score as well as how good is your SEO?

What it does?

It allows WordPress users to include meta titles, meta descriptions, focus keywords, plus suggests you to add internal and external.

In a nutshell, this tool tells you about the do's and Don’ts of On-Site SEO.

However, you can't achieve Off-page SEO implementation with yoast, you can use Ahrefs as it is great if you want to build backlinks.

Who should use it?

Whether you are an individual or an enterprise level multi-author website owner this tool is a must.

Both beginners and experts should use this tool without giving any excuse.

Best Crawling Tool for a Huge Website: Screaming Frog SEO Spider

If you ever had to find broken links, missing titles, and duplicate content what tool would you use?

If you said, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, unfortunately these tools can’t perform that massive task as perfectly.

You need something more dedicated and sophisticated that is purely engineered for that purpose.

And luckily we have wonderful and super powerful tool ScreamingFrog SEO spider tool that makes all the management easier and faster.

The tool is efficient enough to manage tons of pages simultaneously, it quickly searches for all the un-optimized meta data, broken links and detects the duplicated content immediately if found any.

In addition to this, it also looks for the images that are heavy and need compression to improve your site load time, and you can make sure that all your redirect links are working fine.

What it does?

Screaming Frog SEO Spider has all the audit management dedicated built-in features.

Who should use it?

Basically, small business owners won’t need this tool, it is probably a must tool for massive websites where managing all the auditing task for an individual by himself isn’t possible.

It automates maximum work, that takes way too much of time if you try to do manually.

Best Tool for Blogger Outreach: Pitchbox

There was a time when just developing a ton of content for your blog alone was enough to rank faster.

But, as the years passed the SEO has become way too competitive.

If you just keep positing myriads of quality blog posts alone, without attempting any link building strategy you’re only wasting your time and energy.

Unless you outreach other authoritative bloggers your website will not get any traffic.

You have to let audience know that your blog exists, at the same time keep posting new and SEO-friendly content.

Since blogger outreach is a time-consuming and tough job, you need an easier way to manage that huge task.

You have to keep record of what authors you have contacted so far and what are left to be sent out email next, you need to remember who you needed to send series of follow-up mails and so on.

For all that multiple tasks you require a great tool that could make tracking those things easier.

Pitchbox is an ultimate solution for that tedious outreach.

What it does?

A great tool always makes your work more efficient and automates a lot of task that ultimately saves you a ton of time.

Pitchbox helps you in finding the authors to contact, sending follow-ups to bloggers, best of all it keeps a records of all your outreach contacts.

Who should use it?

As a blogger, you always want to drive more traffic right?

In order to get a lot of traffic one of the most important things you need to do is, build as many backlinks as you can.

Link building requires blogger outreach and to automate that task as much as possible use Pitchbox.

Free Tools: Google Analytic and Google Search Console

So far we’ve talked about the some of the best SEO tools that are paid.

Besides, tool for link analysis and keyword research you want to find out how well is you site performing and its current status.

So for all that, there are two Free yet Priceless tools, Google Analytic and Google Search Console.

Don’t look for other paid analytics tool, these two tools have got all you need, above all, they are absolutely free to use.

So go ahead and install Google analytics at the same time set up your Google Search Console.

You will be granted access to your data as soon as your Google Analytic Account is verified.

In order to get your account verified all you need to, is prove that you’re the owner of your site and that’s it.

What it does?

In a nutshell, it lets you know about how well or bad your website is doing.

Who should use it?

I think every blogger should start using it right away.


So, these were all the tools that you must use if you want to take your blog to the next level.

Although you don’t need to use all SEMrush, Moz and Ahrefs together, choose one of those tools according to your expertise and needs, because ultimately they all serve the same purpose but with an exception of little or great variety of features.

Apart from these paid tools, it is highly recommended that you avail the availability of free tools as we talked about Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Though these tools are so essential, the importance of publishing quality content on consistent basis still remain paramount. 

Don't just write, write for your audience. Produce content on topics that get the maximum traction. 

What SEO tools are you using currently? Which tool has been the best for you? It would be highly appreciated if you share your experience with us.

Thanks a lot!

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