How to Sell Products Online (All you Need to Know)

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Jul 27
How to Sell Products Online

How to sell  Products online (All you need to know)

Are you looking for a way to earn right from your living room?

If you want to sell products online, it is the best way to make money

Whether you have your own self-crafted products or have someone else to provide you with you can start selling online easily.

Selling products online is both convenient as well as lucrative.

An online store can help you reach broader audience than a local street shop.

Whether you are an experienced online seller or a newbie this guide would be somehow helpful for you.

In this guide we will find out what, how and where you can sell products online.

This comprehensive guide will explain how to sell both digital and physical products online.

What to sell

First and foremost, you need to decide what you have as product or service to offer?

In such a highly competitive marketing, standing out is a bit of challenging.
Keep in mind this decision is one of the most crucial so be focused.

This is where your pre-plan your overall Web-store selling strategy.

Think hard about what is something that people really want to buy.

The products can be your own or from third party vendors.

You need to figure out what is in or what is out?
Once you have understood the market demand everything becomes easier then.

The selection of item or niche should be lucrative and worth your time and efforts.

Here are some of the most trending and demanding.

Bow ties, Pocket Squares, Leggings, Wood Glasses, Wood Watches E-cigarettes, Coconut oil, Phone Accessories, Flame Lamps, Backpacks, Portable LED Projects, Night Masks.

These are some of the bestselling products of 2018.

Where and how to sell?

Where and How to Sell?

When it comes to the place to sell products online, there are not just one, in fact there are tons of.

You should select the place with your brand’s type in mind.

Everything is as similar as your physical shop.

You select your local shop on a place where you are likely to attract more clients.

The same stays on online shop.

Where and how to sell?

Create a Web-store or Sell on Established Online Store

Moving forward towards how to sell, to be honest there are both short cut and time-consuming ways.

By short cut I mean, eBay and Etsy two of major online marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

And by Time-consuming I intend, that you build your own online store or get it build by experts.

If you want to build a long-term successful online store you are required to familiarize yourself with the basics of web design.

Keep your site in a neat and clean layout and organize your store in a categorical way for a better user experience.

Write descriptive content to enhance and promote your products.

Buy your store domain

Buy your Store Domain

This will be the name of your store/shop. It acts as an address of your shop by which customers can land on your store.

Buy a domain for your store that is not already registered by someone else.

Usually domain registrars charge fee so you will need a PayPal account or credit card.

These are some of the most common domain registrars.

Namecheap, Bluehost, Godaddy and Hostgator.

Select hosted shopping cart

Select Hosted Shopping Cart System if you are non-techie

This package is worry-free and you don’t have to deal with technical things.

Everything such as hosting, coding, and security concerns will be taken care by an experienced team.

This package provides users with an intuitive and straightforward user interface.

You can easily upload your products, configured a payment system, and start selling in no time.

Tough, you may not have access to an advanced functionality.

You will also have no trouble in contacting with technical support staff.

Those well-established marketplaces are Shopify, Bigcommerce, Wix, Squarespace and Weebly.

self-hosted open source shopping cart

Select Self-Hosted Open Source Shopping Cart Program if You are Techie

These plans include standalone softwares that you have to install yourself into your own host.

They are more flexible and customizable so you can set them up as you with to.

But in this plan all the technical things will be un-settled, either you will have to manage yourself or have someone hired to do it for you.

Websites with these features includes, WordPress with Woocommerce, Magento and open court.

Select a Template for Your Web-Store

Imagine you intend to sell some products what would be the first thing you need to have?

Your answer might be a shop to display your products and attract customers.
Similarly, if you want to gain clients you need a place to showcase your skills and expertise.

A well-designed portfolio is all you need for a start.
Since you are a designer you can create an awesome portfolio website for yourself.

Collect the websites you have designed earlier and showcase it on your portfolio in a neat and clean manner.

Keep updating your portfolio with the latest designs you make.

Select Advanced Options to Increase Your Website’s Functionality

Remember you are working in an innovative field where changes take place hourly.

A professional web designer keep acquiring knowledge and skill and he has to be connected with the trends.

Because you are working in a continuously changing field what few years ago was in trend could be considered outdated today.

So keep yourself and your portfolio fresh with the latest updates.

content for your products

Create Expressive Content for your Products

Ecommerce content immensely impact your product’s features.

It is vitally important that you do keyword research to figure out keywords that your customers search for.

Try to enrich your content (product’s description) with targeted keywords.

Benefits of having your own store

Benefits of Having your Own Store

If you own a web store, there are many benefits you have.

You can create your website according to your product/brand.

A well-organized store makes customer’s shopping experience memorable because they find it convenient.

You can provide detailed description for your products that help customers make the right decision prior to purchasing.

An E-shop remain open all the time 24/7 thus, customers can do shopping at their own convenient time.

Reviews and ratings by customers, highlights your store’s positivity greatly therefore improve your rankings.


Selling products online is incredibly effective. You can sell your own products or products by third party.

The best thing about having an online store is that it costs less than a physical shop.

Managing your own online store is challenging but if you do it with devotion and sufficient knowledge results are impressive.

Wish you best of luck for your online store or online business.

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