How to Get Traffic to a Brand New Blog (7 Actionable Ways)

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May 18

How to Get Traffic to a Brand New Blog (7 Actionable Ways)

You have started a blog, published a bunch of awesome content, promoted your newly published posts on the social media, even if it looks like there’s no one reading your blog other than you.

It’s really frustrating when you put in lots of efforts and don’t get the expected results.

You have read lots of blogs posts that claims to boost your traffic and so on, but you get overwhelmed because each blogger is telling something different.

You don’t know who to follow, what actually works?

There are hundreds of thousands of blog posts over the internet and each tells you something similar or a bit different.

Reading how to get more visitors to your blog won’t work.

Unless you take action, you won’t get any traction.

As simple as that.

What’s the problem is that you read a ton of strategies and you have so many in mind even at the moment, but the main thing is that you never tried implementing a single tactic consistently.

This article is all about How to Get Traffic to a Brand New Blog, I’ll share some ways that actually works.

But, how much the strategies will help you in driving traffic to your brand new blog is totally up to you.

How correctly you do something and how consistently you keep doing it.

Make no mistake, we all are bound to make a lot of mistakes when doing something for the first time, but that’s how we get better and ultimately become an expert.

So don’t get discouraged at any point, pick a strategy and stick to it with determination.

Either you succeed or fail but you will get something new to share with your readers in a form of post tell people which strategy actually worked or didn’t work at all.

In such competitive and rapidly growing marketing getting noticed is getting harder every single day.

There are lots of blogs being launched, new bloggers coming consecutively, getting ahead of millions of the rest is challenging. Especially when you are a beginner.

So let’s find out, what exactly are the ways to get traffic to your brand new blog.

Content comes first

#1: Content Comes First

A brand new blog means little or no content, if you have a blog with just a couple of posts it simply won’t work.

So the first thing you have got to do is publish at least 10 or preferably more valuable and SEO-friendly Posts.

Writing consistently for your blog requires lots of ideas for content creation here are 11 blogging ideas that tend to be popular.

If you are just writing for your readers, it’s not enough your posts have to be both SEO-friendly and relevant to your audience.

We’ve got a post on that shares some tips on writing Winning Content, in case you want to know.

However, if you already have enough content on your blog and still not getting any traffic to your blog there are many reasons for that too.

Your content isn’t relevant to your audience, or in other words you are targeting wrong audience.

Your content is not what your readers want to read.
Your content doesn’t help people in solving their problems.
You content is well-written but not well-optimized for Search engines and therefore people can’t find it easily.

So whatever the reasons it, first of all you have to figure out and then fix it asap.

If your content aligns with all these essential factors mentioned below then you have to think outside of Content for driving traffic to your brand new blog.

Make sure your content has all three characteristics.

Is your Content Relevant?

Are you writing for your right audience? If not, then traffic will only be an imaginative thing for you.

Is your Content Practical?

No matter what industry or niche you are in, if your content isn’t genuinely helping people in solving their pain points or achieving a particular goal then your content isn’t practical by any means.

Is your Content SEO Optimized?

Your write mainly for your readers, that’s more than good.

However, your content should be Search Engine Friendly, after all you write for readers and how would your readers know that you have got something valuable for them?

You can’t get any traffic to your blog, unless your content is optimized for Search Engines.

So Make sure your write SEO-friendly Content.

While, you might get referral or social traffic but for Organic traffic there’s no chance unless your content is optimized.

If your content is having all three elements covered, being relevant, practical and Optimized then you’re doing very well.

So when your content is up to par, then you can move on to the next strategy at once.

If your website is built on WordPress, you can make the most of a plugin called Yoast.

Yoast is insanely helpful and extremely powerful in terms of On-page SEO optimization.

With the help of Yoast you can make sure that each and every post of your blog is SEO-friendly.

Commenting do wonders

#2: Commenting Do Wonders

Once you have your blog filled with a variety of awesome content then, what’s the next thing to do is Commenting on other relevant blogs.

You might wonder what’s the relation between traffic and commenting?

How commenting on other blogs can help you get traffic to your blog?

Well the first thing is pretty obvious, your blog is new born, right?

No one knows that your blog exists.

So how would people come to your blog unless they know.

Of course, you need to tell people.

This is where commenting on other blogs in your niche do wonders.

Ok, commenting helps, that’s awesome.

This may bring two questions in your mind.

What blogs should I comment on? How to find blogs to comment?

First of all, you need to look for some established bloggers related to your industry.

Check out their recently published posts and leave a thoughtful comment on one of those posts.

Try to be the first commenter, because the first comment is obviously prominent and there is a higher chance that it will grab people’s attention instantly.

Don’t just be a typical commenter, here your goal is to add value to the author as well as the blog’s reader.

Writing short comments like, Awesome Write-up, Wonderful Post, and Great Job won’t work whatsoever.

You need to write an in-depth and thoughtful comment that sounds natural, rather than spammy.

Another benefit of commenting is that when you intend to write a comment you may read other comments too; you never know what comment could help you writing your next blog post on.

As people discuss a lot of their problems on a certain topic and need help, you will get an idea of what people are usually in search of and you can fulfill their needs in form your upcoming blog post.

In addition to just blog commenting you can make the most of Q & A site like Quora.

Sign up for Quora, choose topics or categories related to your niche and there you will have thousands of questions that are awaiting helpful answers.

Answering on Quora is really helpful, as people will get benefit from your answers, thus you’ll be recognized as an expert or at least a helpful member.

The longer and detailed your answer the greater the chances of standing out from the rest.

On top of that, if you have a post that is relevant to a certain answer you can add excerpt of that post as an answer on Quora and drop a link to your post for further reading.

That way when people read your answer and want to know more then may click on your link which will take them directly to your blog.

Submit Posts on Article Directory Sites

#3: Submit Posts on Article Directory Sites

Getting traffic to your blog is all about knowing ways to promote your blog.

In order to get people to read to your blog, you need to build awareness about yourself first.

There are dozens of Directory Sites that allow writers offer their content on their directory.

The process is quite simple, you need to write 300 to 400 words quality articles and then submit it to one of the many Article Directory sites like EzineArticles.

This way when audience come across your content on the directory site they may visit your own blog too.

You can get a lot of traffic, it’s up to you the more posts you write and submit the more visitors and awareness you get, which result in more traffic to your blog eventually.

Remember the key here is to write valuable piece of content with compelling headlines that readers can’t resist noticing.

Include Engaging Images in your Content

#4: Include Engaging Images in your Content

Images perform way better than textual content.

Visuals get noticed and popular faster than just text-based content.

Images not only helps readers digest your content easily but also make it easier for promoting your content on social media.

If your content includes some relevant and quality images then social media like, Instagram and Pinterest can actually be your traffic generation tool.

What’s more, Infographic is another form of Visual Content that generates 10 x more shares and views than any other form of content.

Again, because visuals are engaging and clear-cut, people get your point in minutes by visualizing the whole idea.

You should always incorporate, some sort of visual aid, such as images, videos, infographic or stats.

Apart from visual aids, you can also add screen shots, pie charts, graphs and so on to illustrate your data in a better and easier manner.

Because social media marketing is the greatest opportunity for driving traffic to your blog, thus every blogger is making the most of Social Media Marketing.

Since Social Media involves visual content more, therefore you must make visual aids a compulsory part of your overall content creation.

Engage Actively on Twitter

#5: Engage Actively on Twitter

Twitter is one of the major Social Media Network with millions of active users.

People especially bloggers love twitter and they heavily promote their content on twitter.

Not only is twitter best for content promotion but an effective tool for traffic generation.

If you have been using Twitter for promoting your content, you’re doing a great job.

But do you know promoting content alone won’t get you long-term traffic through twitter?

Why, because, unless you have substantial amount of followers, who’ll would visit your blog?

People might like or retweet your Tweets rarely but they won’t bother visiting your website.

Because you will be recognized as a self-promoter which is very harmful for your blog’s success.

Sharing only your content all the time on twitter won’t build you authority you need to be helpful and caring on twitter.

Help people by answering their questions, help them by suggesting something you know, help people in taking a right decision, help in anyway and every way you can.

The more attention you give other people on twitter the more trusted and authorized you will be considered.

Until now, you may have been using twitter as a content promotion tool, but use it as a trust builder and it will pay you off with steady traffic in the long run.

Be a Guest Blogger

#6: Be a Guest Blogger

Have you heard of guest blogging before?

If yes, then you probably know that how beneficial it is in building awareness and driving traffic to a brand new blog.

Once you have enough content published on your blog, then you can consider Guest Posting.

Guest Blogging is basically writing content and offering other bloggers to publish it on their blogs.

However, getting approval is a bit hard but not impossible.

If your blog looks amazing, your content is awesome and you’re serious with blogging then you can definitely get a chance to submit your post on other’s blog.

All you need to do, is find some small blogs in your industry, see if they allow guest posting, if yes, then send them an email that says “you want to contribute as a guest author” and once your request is approved you are good to go.

Of Course, you want to be specific and detailed in your email, don’t be pushy or you want be given a reply at all.

Once you get an approval email, you will be asked to send them some detail about your qualification or experience.

Then you can send them the topic you want to write for them and if they approve then, it’s your turn to stand up to their expectations and add value to their blog as a contributor.

How guest blogging can build awareness and help you get traffic to your blog?

Because you will produce content for an established blog which already gets tons of traffic, now you have to impress their audience and open a door that leads them to your blog.

When you guest post on a blog, you definitely have a chance to include your bio at the end of the post where you can add the link of your blog.

If people like your post they are likely to read your bio and visit your blog to read more posts written by you, as simple as that.

Join Facebook Group

#7: Join Facebook Groups

You must have known of what are Facebook Groups?

I’m pretty sure you don’t need any explanation about Facebook Groups.

Since Facebook is the most famous and engaging Social Network Platforms.

No matter what industry you are in or who’s your target audience is, there must be a bunch of Facebook Groups where your audience like to hang out.

Look for some Facebook Groups that are closely match to your blogging niche.

Consider joining a group with 1,000 or plus members, any less than that won’t be helpful or any more than that will be tough to get noticed.

Once you find some nice groups, it’s time to be a member who add value.

Since you want to join a group that is relevant to your blog, you will find many people with many problems who are looking to get a solution or answer.

Try to interact with other group members and be a solution provider, don’t focus on sharing your content alone instead share other’s stuff wherever it adds value or seems to help people.

The goal is to interact with members and build relationship so that you can get some traffic to your blog through Facebook.

If you keep posting your content only you will be considered as a spammer and people won’t recognize you as a reputable or authentic member. Above all you might get banned from the group.

That being said, if you share your content as a relevant resource while answering someone’s question there’s no problem, in fact it is a smart way to promote your content contextually.

If people find your content helpful and beneficial they will become your regular reader and will keep coming back for more informative piece of content.

Over to you

If you’re running a blog that is not getting any or much traffic, then these are the tactics that will help you point more visitors to your brand new blog.

I know, that the strategies I outlined above won’t bring thousands of visitors overnight.

But they will help you get started with some traffic initially and once you start getting a little traffic you can multiply those visitors by combining more tactics together.

It may seem like an intimidating task at first, and but don’t let that hold you back, choose a single tactic and stick to it, just do your best.

Don’t overwhelm yourself trying multiple tactics at the same time. Pick a one and work on it consistently, then once you get any result move on to another one.

One more thing, until you’ve tried any of the above strategy don’t focus on learning more, because this is the huge mistake that beginners make, they just keep learning instead of taking actions.

Even if you don’t understand how is it going, just keep trying and things will make much more sense overtime.

So, what’s your opinion of the above traffic generation strategies? 

Are you struggling to drive traffic to your blog?
Let us know if you have any other method that has been helpful for you.

As always your comments and suggestions means a lot to us. Thanks for staying till the end.

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