How to Become a Mobile App Developer (The Beginner’s Guide)

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Jul 12
How to become a Mobile App Developer

How to become a Mobile App Developer (The beginner’s Guide)

We all know that mobile phones have become an important part of our everyday life.

Since mobile phones has gaining popularity and the increasingly usage of it makes the app development demanding.

You may notice that every other person is seem to become a mobile app developer.

Becoming a mobile app developer is not as difficult as it seems.
It is easy if you are concentrated aware of what you need to do.

Your approach should be focused and you need to be motivated because it’s a long journey.

Everybody wants to create another advance app that become popular rapidly.
App development is incredibly profitable niche if you are well-versed in your field.

If you ask how can I become an app developer?

I would say that learning app development is quite easier because of the online courses and resources.

Internet provides endless opportunities.

Mobile app designing or development is an extremely profitable niche. Once you become an expert at it your earnings will be higher than your imaginations.

Learn how to code and create your own apps

Step: 1 Learn How to Code and Create your Own Apps

If you want to be an app developer, coding is the first thing that you have to learn before you can develop apps.

The best thing is that fortunately you don’t need to go to an institute.

There are tons of online courses that can help you learn coding free, easily at your own pace.

If you want to learn coding online free, there are a number of very good websites such as,

  • is a second to none website (Almost all kinds of learning materials available)
  • is also a great approach to learning (Wide range of tutorials)
  • (Tons of premium and unpaid courses)
  • (Lots of informative lectures for free)
  • Tut+ (Extensive library of how-to tutorials on almost any subject).

Find a right and suitable learning platform for yourself and get started with mobile app designing.

Remember keep learning and implementing at the same time so that you can experiment your fresh ideas and see how well you can perform.

Step: 2 Get Training and Achieve a Computer Science Degree

Getting sufficient training in any filed is extremely important.

A well-designed course will help you acquire essential knowledge, develop your routine and keep you on track.

So whether you take online class or go to an educational center make sure you select the course upon your level of knowledge.

Al though, degree in Computer Science is not compulsory, but it can certainly build a solid foundation.

Top-notch companies may prefer you more because of your bachelor’s degree in computer science.

So achieving a degree is at least beneficial in that case.

If you have already gone through your graduation and still feel that you lack the required information, you can always choose online materials to improve your skills further by highly experienced and qualified teachers.

Once you have become an expert at app development, you can start your own online business and make money from your living room.

Select your development platform

Step: 3 Select your Development Platform

There are many platforms but to mention the major ones are, Android, IOS (Apple), Windows, RIM (Blackberry) and Symbian.

If you are thinking that oh I’ll go crazy if I have to learn to code for all of these platforms.

But, luckily you don’t need to learn all at first.

You just need to choose a one among them when you’re getting started.
Surely in long term you can expand your programming skills for all those platforms as well.

But for a start, go with a one only. So that you can stay focused and motivated.
Android and Apple both are highly recommended; your selection should be from one of these.

Discover your passion

Step: 4 Discover your Passion

It all starts with a passion; all those successful personalities you see today have followed their passion in the past.

So before you start designing an app you should be aware of what you like the most.

Identify who you are and what you want to do.

If you initially understand yourself then any step you take later will certainly lead you to the path of success.

Think about what you enjoy the most in a form a mobile app?

What keeps you interested, it could be anything and it vary for everyone.

Interest is what that keep you motivated and stick to it even if you face failures.

Ask yourself what do you care about the most?

For instance,

  • What apps do you like using the most?
  • Is there any app that you can’t live without?
  • Are you addicted to any game?
  • Do you rely on a task manager app always?
  • The above question may describe you or if there is something else then do identify first so that you do what you actually care about.
  • This way chances of giving up are least and your motivation will help you move forward without any pause.
Brainstorm for an app idea

Step: 5 Brainstorm for An App Idea

Once you have figured yourself out, it’s time to brainstorm to come up with a great idea.

Before you even think where should I start out, give yourself a couple of hours to pick an idea to build app for.

The first idea you may come up with might be related to games.

Since games are one of the most used apps by users of all ages.

But for a successful and revolutionary app development determine what has been ignored.

Find out if there is something that could actually be very useful and helpful for people.

Look around you what are the problems that you or people have that an app could solve? If you find the answer, then there begins the designing process.

Any app you use is built upon a need, app developers see where there is a need and then cover that in forms of apps.

Map out the idea and start development

Step: 6 Map out the Idea and Start Development 

Once you have come up with an idea, now your next step should be sketching it on paper.

Mapping out your idea onto paper makes the whole process straightforward.

Nothing is faster than a pen and paper. It immediately delivers an idea onto paper and then you can transform it to a digital app.

That sketching process will help you figure out how users will react and navigate to your app.

It will also help you to determine the core features your app will have.

As a result, you will build an app that is user-friendly, well-performing and cutting edge in terms of features.

In addition to this you should focus on usability, your app should be easy to use if users find it hard to use then, they will never use it again nor give a positive review.

Design your own app

Step: 7 Design your Own App 

It is always better to have some of the masterpiece to prove your work in front of top-notch companies.

The best way to gain knowledge and increase experience is practice.

You may have heard practice makes progress.

So as long as you are practicing you are actually making progress.

And this is how a beginner becomes an expert.

In order to polish your skills, keep developing something new, one day you will have a lot of apps or at least experience to get hired on by companies.

Test your app to fix bugs 1

Step: 8 Test your App to Fix Bugs

Once development part Is completed you should then examine your app thoroughly to make sure it is bug-free.

A newly-created app always have bugs, so have someone test it for you and point out the bugs and fix them asap.

This way you will find out what feature/element works and what doesn’t.

Convert your app to other major platforms

Step: 9 Convert your App to Other Major Platforms 

Once you have mastered how to develop app on one platform, now next step is to convert that app to other major platforms.

You are losing tons of costumers if you only offering a one-platform based app.

People uses different platforms therefore your app should be available in all available platforms.

Major platform compatibility will help you learn some new things that you might not face on the earlier platform.

This way you will gain deep experience and will finally become a well-versed mobile app developer.

Start earning as a Mobile App Developer

Step: 10 Start Earning as a Mobile App Developer

How amazing it would be that your past efforts and experience could be your major earning source today?

Well, now it’s your earning time, you have worked hard and put in so much efforts now start selling app and get cash in exchange of apps.

Becoming a Mobile App Developer is indeed a long journey but it worth the energy and effort.

If you are motivated and dedicated to your work time and energy wouldn’t be your concern.

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