5 Effective Tips for Writing a Winning Content

By Editorial Team | Content Writing

Jul 30
how to write winning content

5 Effective Tips for Writing a Winning Content

High-quality and well-written content plays vitally important role in a successful website and writing a winning content can actually boost your ranking..

People particularly beginners, take content writing lightly and don’t do this the way it should be done.

Let me tell you that content is as crucial as your website layout design.

Writing content for blogs require passion and research.

Especially newbies considered, they need to have a lot of knowledge to give their post a wide coverage.

Similarly, if you don’t have interest what you are blogging about you will give-up soon.

So first and foremost choose a topic that you have an interest or expertise about.

And what comes next will be right below.

Let’s move on and discover the effective tips for a writing a winning content.

Start with keyword research

Start with keyword Research

How it all starts is by researching the trendy and most searchable keywords.

Once you have decided a certain topic now you should do keyword research.

Keyword research makes you content rich and SEO-friendly; it helps bots understand what is your website about exactly.

It also helps a lot in ranking your website in search engine Google.

Finding the right keywords and then placing it appropriately can make your content get-noticed.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are very important in order to make content valuable, readable and SEO-friendly.

But overdoing it can do the opposite action.

To ensure a winning content do avoid keyword stuffing.

A keyword stuffed content always seems cheap and of lower quality to both bots and readers.

It can badly impact your website’s ranking also your bounce rate can increase because reader will go away immediately if he sees those irritating keywords repeatedly.

Discuss your most important point first

Discuss your Most Important Point First

Writing web content is utterly different from writing academic essays.

When a visitor land to a website he/she expect that what he has searched would be helpful.

And if he/she sees something irrelevant and off-topic he goes elsewhere at once.

Information that is necessary for your readers to know is what you do something and why?

They want to know about you who you are? How can you deliver something that can be useful to them be information or products?
So mention your own details first than anything else.

Write in conversational tone than formal

Write in Conversational Tone than Formal

Readers or customers want to read that help resolve their issues.

If your content is a kind of formal no matter how helpful and valuable your content is readers will be a bit of uncomfortable and could leave.

But if you write in an informal, friendly tone you are more likely to have more readers.

Readers always admire a polite conversational tone because this makes them feel stick to your content and read it till the end.

So believe it or not tone in writing matters a lot more than you imagine.

You know that accent impact more than words so be polite this way you not only win reader’s heart but also likely to create winning content.

Write in your own unique voice

Write in your Own Unique Voice

The content you write should be your own tone, though there are lots of posts already available so what makes you different is your voice.

The way you write can make you stand out from millions of others if it is unique and different.

So be sure to write your content in your own style.

Do read other posts to increase your knowledge but deliver the same info with the additions in your own voice. Fill the gaps and add something that is missing.

Use common and easy words

Use Common and Easy Words

Using difficult and uncommon words will be irritating to readers.

Since every reader of your website not necessarily a top-notch writer. Use simple and user-friendly words so that your post could be digested easily.

Suppose you want to search for the fastest car.

What would be your search keyword?
Most rapid car
Swift car
Fast car

Probably the last and common one fast car. Why because Google has content available with words like fast car.

Google shows the results users search mostly for a certain keyword.

So always remember making your content unique with unique words is not suggested.

Use the simplest words possible.

Photo frame on wall (3d rendering)

Use Visual Aids as much as possible

You may have heard that A picture is worth a thousand words.

This is absolutely true I must say that visuals can help readers understand your content 10 times faster.

Images can deliver your point easily and immediately.

At the same time, they increase reader’s interest and make content engaging.

Never proofread your content yourself

Never Proofread your Content yourself

You know that a person himself can’t point out his mistakes.

When you write you first draft of web copy you should always proofread it later not right away.

Why? Because a fresh content won’t let you find errors.

It is best to have it proofread by someone else. May be someone in your family or your friend.

But it is better not to edit it yourself so that you can make your content as error-free as possible.

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