11 Blogging Ideas that are Sure to Get Popular in 2019

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Mar 31
11 Blogging Ideas that are sure to get popular in 2019

11 Blogging Ideas that are Sure to Get Popular in 2019

Have you ever sat down in front of your computer to write down an article and your mind literally throwing no ideas at all?

Well I have faced that Writer’s block many times and I am sure every writer including the most experienced ones have faced it too.

So how do you prevent yourself from this daunting mind block?

Well, I do understand how frustrating it is when you sit to write a piece of content but you can’t even think of an awesome title of your post.

The drawback of being out of ideas is obvious, when we don’t have ideas to write meaning, not updating our blog with fresh and SEO-friendly content and which obviously leads to little to no traffic to your blog.

Want to get more traffic to your blog? Follow these strategies.

In order to get noticed in such competitive market you must keep your blog updated with compelling posts.

People who have just started out as a blogger often get stuck on the very basic problem which is “What should I blog about?”

We think that we have to look for ideas but in fact the ideas are always around us all we have to do is just catch them.

This happens when we started out we seemed to have loads of ideas and the level of enthusiasm felt like never ending but as the time passed we started to run out of ideas.

So for your convenience we’ve compiled a list of topics and ideas that will help you get rid of that brain freezing trouble.

These 11 blogging ideas tend to get popular rapidly so do try them out.

How To Stuff

1: How To Stuff

In order to do anything, we obviously need to know how to do it?

What that means is How To Stuff is the incredibly popular and widely used term on internet.

How do we find out how to do something is by Googling it.

WikiHow is the live example of how popular this how to stuff is.

There are all sorts of stuff from cooking to computer stuff, hairstyling to hacking tricks, and art to how to look smart.

There is literally no topic that can't be covered in a how-to content framework.

I think I don’t need to stress more on this idea because the popularity of WikiHow is itself the powerful proof of how important and popular how to stuff is.

Ultimate Guide Posts

2: Ultimate Guide Posts

People are always hunting for reasonable and reliable content.
Ultimate Guides are basically supposed to be an A to Z information included post.

Readers love these sort of stuff because they know they will get anything to everything about a particular subject in the Ultimate Guide Post.

There are many other terms used other than Ultimate Guide.
Such as, Definitive Guide, Essential Guide, Comprehensive Guide, Informative Guide and so on.

Creating this type of guide with added data and statistics makes the content even more reasonable.

So always make sure to back up your guide post with proven data and statistics.

The biggest advantage of this is that whenever other blogger uses your data/study as a source of information on their site you will automatically be given a link back from them which will open a door for additional traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

3: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you asked lots of questions? If so then there is a great opportunity that you can make the most out of those questions.

Frequently Asked Questions is basically putting together some most commonly asked questions about a particular topic.

Think about some of the most common things people might want clarity on. Keep your service or product in mind because this should be the base on which you will write answers for.

I know people will still be asking more and more questions even if you have compiled an epic list of questions.

Because everyone has their own way of thinking and you can’t think about all the people’s requirement anyway.

The best part for writing FAQs is that you can get a chance of appearing on top in SERPs, as Google’s Algorithm treat FAQs and sort of question stuff as a part of its Knowledge Graph, so you never know when your content could be one of these spotlights.

Breaking News

4: Breaking News

News is all around us and there are hundreds of thousands of topics on which news is broken on daily basis.

You can take breaking news as a part of content publishing and undoubtedly this is one of the most powerful topic with highest competition.

Let me clarify one thing here, you don’t want to compete directly with top-notch News websites.

In fact, you can opt for the latest happenings and events about a particular topic relevant to your blog.

Make sure to research diligently and provide reliable information because no one is interested in reading rehashed content.

Troubleshooting Guides

5: Troubleshooting Guides

People are always seeking out for troubleshooting guides that can help them resolve their issues without hassles.

A clear cut troubleshooting guide always remain in demands regardless of topic.

So writing a practical and actionable trouble shooting guide is the best way to get popular rapidly in such crowded and flooded digital planet of information.


6: Contest

One of the awesome way to grasp attention of readers is to hold a contest on your blog.

Readers love being a part of contests.

You can hold a contest on a frequency of around monthly basis or fortnightly, it’s totally up to you but make sure to hold a contest about something interesting and trending to get noticed fast.

Travel Blog

7: Travel

Think about yourself, what would be something you passionately want to know about or where would you want to go if you could.

Any advice or suggestion about worth visiting place or how much a trip to a destination would cost are part of some of the heavily shared content on travel alone.

There are loads of blogs that publish content on travel. You can grow your network as your blog started to get plenty of traffic.

This niche is highly profitable and shareable, if you still don’t believe examples of some top-notch travel-related blogs would be enough to convince you.

Even sites that primarily have to do with apps or cameras are discussing travel content most frequently. Evernote and GoPro are one of those travel-based content publishers.

Have a go to travel blogging and you will be surprised to see how much audience is curious to involve in this topic.

Productivity Tips

8: Productivity Tips

Time is money who doesn’t believe that, even if we don’t make the most of our time.

The first part of the above sentence is interesting and brings smile but the latter part is surely frustrating.

We hear every other person complaining that they don’t get enough time or the time is passing too quickly.

So this is something nearly everyone on the planet including me is concerned about the most.

We all want to know how we can manage our time or at least get more done each day.

People are genuinely interested to get some tips, techniques that can actually help them being productive all the time.

We can’t add more hours to the clock however, we can surely get more done within the available hours.

As you can see, time is the most valuable thing what this suggests that it is one of the most important topic everyone want to read about.

Believe it or not, content based on productivity tips get shared more than anything else.

So be sure to create your next blog post on highlighting productivity and you will be amazed by how much share it gets and traffic it drives to your blog.

Product Reviews/Comparison

9: Product Reviews/Comparison

Want to make money while blogging? Start reviewing products.

Writing product reviews or comparing two products side by side is a sure fire way to get more eyeballs to your blog.

Not only is writing product reviews best way to get more audience to your blog but is also very usable if you want to generate revenue through your blog.

When it comes to product review you can monetize your blog quite easily since there are many affiliate such as Amazon Affiliate that lets you earn commission on sales.

You can compare two or more relevant products to mention the difference and compare them in terms of their pros and cons.

Plus, you can write an in-depth product overview and explain things like how well does it work? Who should buy this? What’s its cost and where it can be purchased from?

In addition to this, you can discuss the specification and further details about a particular product.

As people are always on the lookout which product should they opt for so helping them make the right choice is certainly the best topic to blog about.

Top # Lists

10: Top 10 Lists

Lists or listicles are one of the most common content framework.

Readers prefer content that is more to the point and organized because, readability is all that matters to readers.

There are many ways you can compile some information about a certain topic in a list form.

Take a look at these examples below to get what I mean.

  • Top 20 pro tips for writing compelling content
  • 17 actionable ways to drive more traffic to your blog
  • How to start building email lists with these five effective tips
  • Top 12 best blogging platforms for beginner bloggers
  • 7 proven tactics for promoting a new blog post

So you see how you can come up with various list posts titles, these are just suggestion you can get even better if you think.

Do a lot of research and try to exceed the length of lists you find in Google’s query so that you can stand out easily among your competitors with an epic list post.

Personal Experience

11: Personal Experience

We all have many personal life experiences, it could be anything like, how we started blogging, what made us choose blogging as a profession or whatever. 

Since you started as a blogger and have been blogging for some time you definitely have experience in how to start a blog and you can share it with the others who want to start a blog but not sure how.

The goal here is that people love knowing about other’s personal experiences that may help them sort out their particular problems.

Personal stories are interesting at the same time it lets you use your own voice and perspective to make people hear and see the things in your way.

Sharing own experience is art just like story-telling.

Story telling has a very powerful impact on our mind, it relates to emotions and as a result it has social currency and positivity that make people stick to your post with a curiosity to find out more.

However, your story must be interesting and excellent enough to make people read till end and keep coming back for more such stories in future too.


Ok so now you have a lot of blogging ideas and I hope these all will last for the next few months.

What if a few months or even weeks later you might again feel like running out of ideas, what would you do then?

Since in this post I have listed multiple ideas/topics what you should do is pick a one at a time and then implement it by putting your 100% efforts in it.

Once you get success with one strategy, then feel free to try another and one by one you can try almost all the tactics shared here and figure out which works best for you.

Although, there are still unlimited techniques but what I’ve put together here are ones that are generally given more priority and gain more popularity among others.

All the best with your blogging ideas!

What blogging ideas have you got? Would you like to add some more to the list? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for staying till the end. I appreciate your time immensely. 

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