10 Free Ways to Get More Visitors Faster

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Mar 29
ways to get more visitors faster

10 Free Ways to Get More Visitors Faster

Created awesome content? Now what?

Well, creating lots of content endlessly is a must, but how do you get people to read your content in the first place?

Certainly, it is the question that’s asked more than anything else by bloggers.

So this post Is all about that question.

By the end of this post you will have multiple free and effective ways to get more visitors faster.

There’s nothing more delighting to content writers than having steady streams of traffic coming constantly to their blog.

So without any further delay, let’s figure out what it takes to get that delighting state easily.

Don’t rely on Google’s Traffic alone

Don’t Rely on Google’s Traffic Alone (it’s not the only way)

Do you think Google is the only way you attain traffic from?

If so, you’re misinformed. There are lots of other ways too that actually aid in bringing more and more traffic to your blog.

Often people, particularly beginners think that all they have to do is just get a website up and running, produce tons of content and upload them on their blog and that’s it they are done.

The traffic will follow automatically; they stay with crossed fingers assuming readers will find them on Google naturally.

That’s not the how traffic is gained; getting visitors to your blog isn’t effortless, since there are millions of websites on the internet already doing their best.

In addition to this, Search Engine is now ever-improved and smarter in the way it looks at the website.

There’s a huge competition going on, your website has to be unique and appealing to all the rest.

You you have to develop a lot of content, in fact, SEO-friendly content that is engineered specifically to rank faster.

Not all the websites can get a chance to appear on the Google’s first page, in fact no more than 10 websites can show up in each page of SERPs.

If you want to look at the other websites, you have to scroll down to the end the page and click on the next button to uncover the other websites.

While ranking on Google’s first page can drive non-stop streams of free organic traffic to your website.

Once your website is ranked in the SERPs, people will be visiting your website of their own accord by finding you easily on the first page.

And that’s genuinely rewarding.

That being said, attaining organic traffic is hard, particularly if your website is new, you can’t rely on Google alone for the organic traffic it might send.

So, if you shouldn’t rely on Google, how else can you get people to head over to your blog?

Basically, there are two essential ways to get traffic fast.
Either consider paid traffic that brings in traffic effortlessly, or put in some effort to implement free ways to get traffic without paying a penny whatsoever.

The choice is all yours.

Let me help you a little to make a right decision whether or not you should consider paid traffic or go for free traffic generating methods.

Pros and Cons of Paid Traffic:

As we have talked about that Google isn’t the only way to depend on for organic traffic.

  • You can invest in some money in exchange of plenty of traffic to your blog.
  • Paid traffic is easy and effective only if you are willing to pay some bucks.
  • You don’t have to lift a finger to get traffic driven to your website.
  • Wont’ take your time and effort that much.
  • Bad option for those who don’t intend to spend some money.
  • Traffic may not be that constant or steady since you paid once you will get traffic in short time quickly but not for good.

Pros and Cons of Free Traffic:

So you know how beneficial it could be to consider paid traffic now let’s take a look at the pros.

  • Generating free traffic is easier than It was before.
  • There are myriads of methods that actually help in increasing traffic easily.
  • Though it takes a lot of time and patience but the result is rewarding.
  • You have to struggle in the short term, but it will pay off in the long run.

So How Can You Get More Visitors Faster?

When it comes to free traffic generation ways there are endless, I’m going to list out some of the best and most effective ones here.

Promote your Content on Social Media

1: Promote Your Content on Social Media Mainly

Increasing users of Social Media is a self-explanatory proof that people of all ages and interest love being on Social Media Sites all the time.

That is why both highly established and small companies place emphasize on social media marketing more than anything else.

Whenever you write a new post do share it across major social networks such as Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

Because you never know where your right audience is hanging out, so promote your content on Social Media mainly.

Submit helpful answers on Quora

2: Submit Helpful Answers on Quora and Yahoo Answers

If you want long-term traffic use Quora and Yahoo Answers as a traffic driving tool.

People are always looking for someone expert enough to solve their problem or answer to their questions.

If you can write detailed and helpful answers related to your blog topic on Quora or Yahoo then you are highly likely to get more visitors to your blog.

How come?

Because when you write an article and drop a link of your post within that answer people wouldn’t mind clicking on your link to get further insight about their answer.

Therefore, you will get more visitors following your link on consistent basis.

Guest post on relevant niche sites

3: Guest Post on Relevant Niche Sites

Guest posting is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to other blogger’s readers.

If you add a great value to other bloggers’ site, they will be willing to let their audience follow you as well.

Apart from the additional traffic, you will be able to acquire a link back from other’s website to your blog.

If your content is high quality enough and has lots of values in it, chances are you might get an opportunity to contribute on high authority sites as a guest blogger.

Build an Email list

4: Build an Email List Consistently

Are you building email list?

If you haven’t yet, you should start right now.

As mentioned earlier relying on organic traffic solely not going to do well for you.

You must build an Email list consistently so that you can get more visitors, more shares, more prospects and more exposure.

If you have got email list already, keep growing it more constantly.

Once you have a great list of subscribers, you can send them newsletters about your new post, let them know what’s going to be on your site next so that they keep coming back.

In order to grow your email list you definitely need a right tool, refer to this amazing post about 67 tools to grow your email list.

 leave thoughtful comments

5: Find some Related Blogs and Leave Thoughtful Comments

As a blogger, you should be focusing on growing your network and building relationship as much as possible.

This is where commenting on other’s blog is useful.

Find some top notch bloggers in your niche and write thoughtful comments on their post, try to be the first one to comment, and don’t just say words like, awesome post, well-said instead write in-depth comments that genuinely add value to their blog. 

Join niche-related forums

6: Join Niche-related Forums and Build an Authority

There are plenty of forums that discuss just about anything.
Google some of the best ones in your niche and create your profile there.

Try to interact with other members, and solve their problems whenever you can. Maybe they need help in something you are very good at, and perhaps they want clarity on something you have much knowledge of.

So engage in such forums as much as you can and build an authority by helping people out.

Once people recognize your they will be more than happy to visit your blog if you drop a link within the forum.

Join niche-related forums

7: Youtube Marketing is the Key to Rank Faster

Youtube is the second most engaging platform after Google.
People love watching videos more than reading content.

You can make videos related to your posts and promote them on Youtube this way not only the video you publish will rank but also you will see increasing traffic to your website via Youtube.

Create infographics

8: Create Infographics and upload on Pinterest and Instagram

Photos get 10 x more shares than content.

You must have heard that a picture says thousand words.

Depending on your niche, include high-quality and compelling photos in your content.

Post those images on sites like, Instagram and Pinterest and get some more visitors through these heavily engaging platforms.

Infographics are one of the heavily shared content form. If you can craft a stunning one that actually appeals to people than not only can you get more visitors but also backlinks from other website owners if they publish it on their blogs.

Create slide-based content

9: Create Slide-based Content and Promote on SlideShare

If your niche has to do something with visual content more, then create slide-based content and share on SlideShare.

People like visual content more, so if they find yours on SlideShare you are likely to get extra traffic from these sites too.

Additionally, you may get a backlink too, if another blogger adds your Slid-deck on his blog.

Repurpose your Content

10: Repurpose your Content Frequently

Feeling like you have published lots of content already and it seems you have no more ideas.

Start repurposing your old content, choose ones that’s been top-performing in the past.

If you pick content that did great, you know that your efforts for repurposing it won’t go waste in future as well.
Plus, you will be able to meet the requirement of consistent posting on blog with fresh content.


If you want to get more traffic to your blog, the only way is promoting your content more in whatever way you can.

In this post I’ve compiled the list of some powerful and effective strategies that anyone can use free of cost.

So try these content promotion techniques and get additional traffic.

At least it is way better than just waiting for Google to send some traffic to your blog automatically, which takes a lot of time.

So from now on, spend as much time on promoting your content as you do on producing content, because this is equally having that much importance as content creation.

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