How To Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt For Impulsive Shoppers

If you think shopping is fun and the mall is your paradise, you don’t really make that much but this just gives you even more time and energy to seek out brand names, then you’ll probably get into credit card debt eventually.

First of all you should know how terrible credit card debt is. Read something about medieval life feudalism, then imagine this: at every end of the month when you finally receive your paycheck you’ll remember that the money is not really yours because you’re in debt, so you’ll have to use it to pay a part of what you borrowed… plus interest. Yup. Interest. It’s the money the bank gets for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except giving some money to poor sobs in need. You’ll end up living paycheck to paycheck and feeling guilty about everything you buy.

Now that we’re back on the subject of shopping, the root of all your expense problems is this: you don’t understand the difference between NEED and WANT. Don’t feel bad, it’s a thin line these days. For example: you go into a store and you see a really great pair of shoes ON SALE, and you feel you NEED to buy them, but you already have 10 pairs at home, still in their boxes, which means you just WANT them. Basically, if you don’t have to keep your shoes together with duct tape you don’t NEED new shoes.

If you’re already in credit card debt but still shopping away every dime AVOID STORES, because clearly you can’t control yourself and look at ppi claim to get information. If you have to go grocery shopping LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARDS HOME, just take the money you need in cash so you don’t over-spend. If you see something expensive you want to buy, wait 24 hours before you make the purchase (you know, like alcoholics wait an hour when they feel they want a drink).

Remember that SALES occur on a regular basis so there’s no need for celebration. Don’t get overexcited and star spending. Just think about that credit card bill in the mail. Banks feed on people like you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have nice things, but if you start living beyond your means you’ll get into trouble sooner or later.

Once you get into credit card debt all you can do is pay. There’s no other way out. And wouldn’t you rather keep the interest rate for yourself? Some people get generateur de carte bancaire gratuit for pay also.

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How To Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt

We all know that Credit Card Debt is really the merry-go-round from hell. You end up living from paycheck to paycheck just because you got hypnotised by a really kitschy looking commercial where they tell you that buying a new wide-screen TV and a fishing boat will make your life a lot peachier than it’s ever been.


I’m with Pascal Bruckner on this, these days people have turned into children and believe that they can live beyond their means and that the mall is a fantasy land. So they max out all their plastic thinking: “Hey, Credit Card Debt is just a myth. It doesn’t matter that the interest rate is 18%, I need a hot-tub RIGHT THIS INSTANT.”

Ok, so nobody actually thinks like that, but it’s true that the biggest factor in credit card debt is impulse shopping.

I must sound like a horrible person by saying this but money is really the measure of everything, you can pretty much convert your entire life into money, gives a whole new meaning to selling your soul. So whenever you purchase something really expensive just convert the amount of money you spend on it into the number of hours it takes you to make up that sum.

The best advice I can give you, except not getting into debt in the first place, is to pay off your credit cards in order of interest. Transfer as much as you can on the low interest cards and pay minimum, then pay off the ones with the highest interest buy paying more than the minimum. Let’s say you have a minimum rate of 100 Euro, pay 200, don’t pay the minimum because that’s just what they want you to do, the longer you stay in debt, the longer they keep getting interest out off your almost bare pockets. But just make sure that the “low interest” cards are just as low on the long run.

Of course you’ll find a lot of tips and pointers out there, but there’s really no easy way. You’ll even find websites and people willing to do this for you but more than half of them have been revealed as scams.

So… good luck!


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