How To Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt For Impulsive Shoppers

If you think shopping is fun and the mall is your paradise, you don’t really make that much but this just gives you even more time and energy to seek out brand names, then you’ll probably get into credit card debt eventually.

First of all you should know how terrible credit card debt is. Read something about medieval life feudalism, then imagine this: at every end of the month when you finally receive your paycheck you’ll remember that the money is not really yours because you’re in debt, so you’ll have to use it to pay a part of what you borrowed… plus interest. Yup. Interest. It’s the money the bank gets for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except giving some money to poor sobs in need. You’ll end up living paycheck to paycheck and feeling guilty about everything you buy.

Now that we’re back on the subject of shopping, the root of all your expense problems is this: you don’t understand the difference between NEED and WANT. Don’t feel bad, it’s a thin line these days. For example: you go into a store and you see a really great pair of shoes ON SALE, and you feel you NEED to buy them, but you already have 10 pairs at home, still in their boxes, which means you just WANT them. Basically, if you don’t have to keep your shoes together with duct tape you don’t NEED new shoes.

If you’re already in credit card debt but still shopping away every dime AVOID STORES, because clearly you can’t control yourself and look at ppi claim to get information. If you have to go grocery shopping LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARDS HOME, just take the money you need in cash so you don’t over-spend. If you see something expensive you want to buy, wait 24 hours before you make the purchase (you know, like alcoholics wait an hour when they feel they want a drink).

Remember that SALES occur on a regular basis so there’s no need for celebration. Don’t get overexcited and star spending. Just think about that credit card bill in the mail. Banks feed on people like you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have nice things, but if you start living beyond your means you’ll get into trouble sooner or later.

Once you get into credit card debt all you can do is pay. There’s no other way out. And wouldn’t you rather keep the interest rate for yourself? Some people get generateur de carte bancaire gratuit for pay also.

generateur de carte bancaire gratuit

How To Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt

We all know that Credit Card Debt is really the merry-go-round from hell. You end up living from paycheck to paycheck just because you got hypnotised by a really kitschy looking commercial where they tell you that buying a new wide-screen TV and a fishing boat will make your life a lot peachier than it’s ever been.


I’m with Pascal Bruckner on this, these days people have turned into children and believe that they can live beyond their means and that the mall is a fantasy land. So they max out all their plastic thinking: “Hey, Credit Card Debt is just a myth. It doesn’t matter that the interest rate is 18%, I need a hot-tub RIGHT THIS INSTANT.”

Ok, so nobody actually thinks like that, but it’s true that the biggest factor in credit card debt is impulse shopping.

I must sound like a horrible person by saying this but money is really the measure of everything, you can pretty much convert your entire life into money, gives a whole new meaning to selling your soul. So whenever you purchase something really expensive just convert the amount of money you spend on it into the number of hours it takes you to make up that sum.

The best advice I can give you, except not getting into debt in the first place, is to pay off your credit cards in order of interest. Transfer as much as you can on the low interest cards and pay minimum, then pay off the ones with the highest interest buy paying more than the minimum. Let’s say you have a minimum rate of 100 Euro, pay 200, don’t pay the minimum because that’s just what they want you to do, the longer you stay in debt, the longer they keep getting interest out off your almost bare pockets. But just make sure that the “low interest” cards are just as low on the long run.

Of course you’ll find a lot of tips and pointers out there, but there’s really no easy way. You’ll even find websites and people willing to do this for you but more than half of them have been revealed as scams.

So… good luck!


Simple Tips For Creating A Blog

So, you have been thinking about creating a blog, but aren’t sure where to start. That’s okay, this article will fill you in on what you need to know before you get started. The good news is that blogs are very easy to set up, and you can put up a basic blog in a fairly short amount of time. Here some basic tips to get you on the path to blogging success.

tips for creating a blog

1. Decide what type of blog you want to have. Will it be a personal blog that is meant to be read by your family and friends? Will it be blog about one of your favorite hobbies? Or will the purpose of it be to make money? Know the kind of blog you’ll have will determine a lot of the other things you need to do.

2. Pick a topic. Once you know what type of blog you’ll have, you need to narrow it down to a more specific topic. Now, if this is just for family and friends, then it doesn’t matter all that much as you won’t be as concerned with how much traffic you get to your blog. If it’s a blog about a hobby, then you can keep it more general, or you can blog about a specific aspect of the hobby. However, if you will be creating a blog to make money, then you need to be more careful about the topic you choose.

3. Research. Assuming you are interested in making money with your blog, you need to start with research. First, you need to research who your target audience is; how many people are part of your target audience, what their problems are, what solutions they’re looking for, and how much they are willing to pay to solve their problems. Second, you need to research the best keywords for your blog. There are a few free keyword tools that should give you enough information to get started. However, it may be a good idea to find some paid keyword tools if you want to see even better results.

4. Keep your visitors in mind. This can be hard to do when you’re the one who’s creating a blog, but you have to do your best. Picture what your visitor sees when they first come to your blog. Are the colors to strong? Too dull? How are the graphics? Is everything laid out in a logical and intuitive manner? Are the posts easy to read? All of these things, and more, will make a big difference to your visitors. Needless to say, if they don’t like what they see, they will go to someone else’s blog. Therefore, it makes more sense to try to look at your blog through the eyes of your visitors.

5. Be yourself. What really keeps people coming back to a blog? In a word: personality. So, go ahead and let yourself come through in your posts. Some people may not like, but the ones that do could become some of your biggest fans, and will start recommending your blog to other people.


What Is Blogging – It Depends

The internet hasn’t been around all that long, but it has quickly become a part of our daily lives. Even if we don’t go online every day, you can bet that the people and businesses we deal with do go online every day. But regardless of who is going online or why, it all comes down to one thing: communication. One of the most popular forms of this is the blog. But what is blogging? That’s a straightforward question, so let’s take a look at the answer.

what is blogging

The word ‘blog’ derives it name from a combination of the words ‘web log’. When they first started, that’s exactly what they were. Most people would use them as a form of an online journal of their daily lives, and many of them would only share their blogs with family and friends. Then came what are commonly called mommy blogs. These were blogs typically started by stay at home moms to communicate with other moms, but they also added some elements of making money to their blogs. Next were the flat-out money making blogs which tend to be more contrived; with each post being designed to maximize the revenue of the blog.

So, when someone asks “what is blogging?”, the best answer is “it depends”. That’s because each type of blog requires a different approach. However, there are several similarities between all blogs. Updating your blog on a regular basis, making it look good, and driving traffic to it are a few of the things most blogs have in common.

One of the best things about blogs is that you can start blogging for free. The WordPress and Blogger platforms are just two of the services that allow you to easily set up a blog and to do so for no cost at all. However, you will have to host your blog on their servers, and your domain name will contain “blogger” or “wordpress” as part of it. If you have a blog that’s meant for family and friends, then this should be okay. However, if you plan on making money with your blog, then you need to buy your own domain name and hosting.

To get started, figure out what you want your blog to be about. Once that’s done, you can think of a name for your blog. The next step is to go to whichever blogging site you want to try (Blogger, WordPress, etc.) and sign up for an account. If someone else already has used the same name for their blog (when using the free option), you will have to come up with a different name.

Now you’re ready to start posting to your blog. This is usually done by logging into your blogging account and then clicking on “new post”. Write your post, then click “submit”. There you go! You have just made your first post. Now if some asks you what is blogging, you can say it’s an easy way to have your own site online.

10 Web Search Engine Ranking Tips To Improve Traffic Conversions

It’s a fact that if your product or service is not appearing in the top 10 SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) used to find your site, then your competition is there taking all the hits. SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques are not rocket science; they can be implemented by anyone requiring increasing the exposure of their web site business.

You may have decided to pay an SEO company to do the legwork here. It’s actually possible with just some simple application to do the work quickly and effectively by yourself. SEO is all about optimization and is crucial for success on the web.

By optimization I mean two types of organic methods: On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. This can be achieved without using PPC plans (Pay per Click) which can cost a lot of money.

On-Page optimization involves editing the web site code and content – keyword research, choosing the best keywords used to find your business and coupling this with relevant content that is useful to your readers. In the code, the keyword and key phrases form part of the Meta tags and should also be in the Home Page title bar. Each page should be optimized according to the keyword that matches the content.

Off-Page Optimization involves back linking from quality sites that sell or display information related to your business. This is best achieved through contextual one-way links to your site from a high traffic site where your target audience will browse for information on your products. One-way links shine bright in the eyes of Google, if they are relevant.

Be aware of these 10 points in order to avoid a bad SEO plan or worse a bad SEO company, or even worse again – getting banned by Google:

1. No black hat techniques, don’t buy into link farms that just send traffic, you will not receive converting visitors.

2. Ensure you have your own web site domain rather than relying on free sites and article directories like Squidoo and Hubpages. These are good but use them to drive one-way traffic to a landing page on your own web site domain.

3. Ensure your Meta tags contain relevant descriptions. These should contain your keywords derived from your keyword research. Use Wordtracker to find out what daily searches contain those keywords, you may need to optimize further.

4. The content must be original, avoid duplicate content. Notice I am using the word ‘relevant’ a lot here, the reason being is that it’s often overlooked in favor of keyword density – forget it, you risk being banned if you use keyword stuffing techniques. Generally 3 to 5 key phrases (assuming long tail e.g. popular online games) per 500 to 1000 words.

5. Create blogs and mini-sites related to your niche that all serve your market with back links to your main business web site. This is a good time to use Squidoo, blogger and Hubpages as they are very high traffic sites. Include back links to your site in your bio.

6. Add ALT tags to all your images with relevant words related to your web page. For example if your site is games like GTA 5, you can add ALT tags like “argent gta 5” or “GTA 5 Online games”.

7. Submit a press release highlighting your product benefits to the top press release networks such as PRWeb and URLwire.

8. Create discussions on facebook and MySpace related to your niche and invite potential customers to voice their questions, concerns, etc. Include back links to your site in your bio.

9. Promote your web site services in free high traffic classified ads such as USFreeads. Include back links to your site in your bio.

10. Offer support to people needing your products by finding questions on Yahoo Answers and showing them the solution with a link to your site and a reason to visit. Be honest, show the benefits.

What’s next? Simple, rinse and repeat for every product you are marketing on your site. SEO is a long term marketing plan. You will reap the rewards if you can play the game and set out to dominate the search engines in your niche.

Search Engine Ranking Tips

An Introduction To Free Online Games

The world of online games is a vast world, with games for almost everyone. All of a scholar to a wannabe fighter pilot can find a game that suits your tastes. In this article, I’m going to give short games super reviews online.

Jezzball Jezzball is available on several web sites in Java. Jezzball, you have a box with balls bouncing off him. You must corner balls without hitting and breaking its walls partially formed. It is a very simple game, but it can be addictive.

Bomber Bob is a very simple game of war. You are an aitplane of combat, and you must shoot down dozens of enemy planes before sinking their boat and without being shot down yourself. This game is a flash game.

Literati is the version of Yahoo’s Scrabble. The slightly different score is calculated, but in general, it is nearly identical. Literati is Java and requires a free Yahoo ID.

Diesel and death this is another flash game. This is a game of bike racing. Very simple, yet fun. That the race against a team had controlled by bicycle.
Helicopter game in this simple but very difficult game, must use a button on the mouse to navigate your helicopter through the cave without that drop. The cave comes complete with obstacles, low and climbing. Wow. This game can be very addictive! Game is built with flash.

Curve ball is a game of adapted ping-pong ball. You are in a square tunnel with an opponent controlled by computer on the other end. The key is to get the ball rebound or curve and pass your opponent.

Similar to the bomber Bob Apache overkill, but this time that you are flying an Apache helicopter over the desert. Your enemies are coming from all directions, also! Some simple good fun, although the game needs more controls.

Another games very popular in the market are Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, Pool 8.

Whats Gout And Is There A Medicine

Gout is a rheumatic disease particularly painful. It is caused by the large amount of deposits of needle-shaped urate crystals within the connective tissue and joints. Uric acid deposits set off swelling of joints and thus the drop occurs. Additional symptoms that manifests the drop are inflammation of joints, redness, irritation and stiff joints. Gout is a type of arthritis also is responsible for approximately 5% of cases of arthritis.

Uric acid, once the finger crystallizes in different joints mainly fat can cause acute pain shot that ultimately can cause pain to the patient. This uric acid is released is directly related to the degradation of purines in the body and they are present in different tissues in the human body in addition to foods similar to anchovies, liver, green beans and peas.

In the majority of cases almost all sufferers that they ask what is gout? They reported that uric acid decomposes and is dissolved in the blood, that sooner or later passes through the kidneys and leaves the body through the urine. There are a variety of reasons, why is deposited beam uric acid in the blood that is in the fact that the body increases the normal production of uric acid, kidney functions stop working so it is not able to filter the uric acid from the blood or if you eat a diet that has increased the content of purines.
This increase in the level of uric acid in the blood leads to a condition called hyperuricemia, this however will not obviously lead to gout, it? s only when people have large amounts of uric acid crystals which manifest the drop.

Here is a list of reasons why you may ask what is gout:?
1 Genetics, if the drop is executed in your family tree that is very likely suffering from this condition.
2. Adult men are more likely than women to drop.
3. Excessive alcohol consumption tends to cause gout.
4. Obesity is also a general cause of gout.
5. Consumption foods that are high in purine content can be submitted to drop. If swallowed foods such as liver, anchovies on a regular basis can result in causes deposits of uric acid in the blood.
6. If you have had an organ transplant, possibly they can suffer from gout.
7. If you are working in a situation that has increased the lead content in the air, or the area where you reside is badly polluted possibly you’ll suffer from gout.
8 If you have some sort of deficiency of the enzyme to breakdown of purines stop they can suffer from gout.
9 Regular consumption of drugs such as aspirin, diuretics, Cyclosporine, etc. could also bring about the drop.
10. Normal intake of niacin can also result in gout.

Drop doesn’t have to be something that controls your life. If you understand what is the drop in no time you can facilitate or even cure gout altogether and avoid future painful attacks.

Why Do Kids Love Santa Letters

What you love Santa letters?
You’ve wondered, “why my children love writing it Santa letters much?” may be that they just want your letters from Santa Santa find his name. It may be that they want to your letters from Santa to help Santa to put them on its list of “good”. Or perhaps just get so excited about Christmas and Santa cannot wait to write letters from Santa to this “magical” person is. I don’t know what the reason for the love of letters from Santa, but I know that it is an ancient tradition that many children are still in the Christmas season. As who see the decorations and listen to Christmas music, they start wanting to write your letters from Santa.

They so do your kids a favor and be sure to write a Santa letter a fun and an unforgettable moment for them. Carry out a lot of tools in creative writing and stickers to make its unique and fun Santa letters. Help them write their letters of Santa when you ask them what they want to say to Santa. Help them to say what they have done this year to be a good boy and why must be in “good” list of Santa Claus. Ask questions in your letters from Santa any want – if it’s Rudolph, reindeer, Christmas Eve, the North Pole or whatever. Then sign your name to your letters from Santa and decorate with Christmas stickers if they want to. He put in an envelope and write “Santa Claus” and “North Pole” on the outside and put it in the mailbox.

This is where letters Santa got very stressful for parents, because they knew that their children were awaiting their own letters from Santa of Santa Claus at the North Pole. Go and look in the mailbox every day for their Santa letters from the North Pole. It is very difficult to try to write letters from Santa to their children that seem to really are genuine and from the North Pole. Sometimes you can say that you do not look or sound good. Thank God this problem is solved now days by some very creative people who have come up with web sites that take care of all the details for parents.

There are many Web sites of “Letters from Santa” that has appeared all to give to parents who needed a break at Christmas time. These web sites are a place where, as a parent, you can create the perfect Santa letters for their children. These personalized letters from Santa are the perfect way to tell every one of their children who still believe in Santa Claus that they are loved by him. Just add the personalized information you want in your letters from Santa and there will be personalized letters from Santa that look authentic and as they only came from the workshop of Santa Claus at the North Pole. It will be signed Santa by Santa’s own love.

Imagine what a thrill will be when they see your letters in the mailbox of Santa! As your letters from Santa are opened, you will be so happy that he has created these personalized Santa letters for them. They will love your Santa letters so much that I am sure that you will cherish forever.